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I was lucky enough to win GREEN SOLUTIONS Hempfest raffle this year! My prize was a half oz of their signature strain .Their signature strain,Cherry Pie is BHOMB. But the guys over at Green Solutions were awesome enough to let me choose what strain i wanted. And of course this one caught my eye. ”Gary Ridgway” ,named after none other than the  Green River Killer .This Sativa dominant bud is sure to be one of your favorites. It’s intense purple color and bright orange hairs easily make it one of the more visually striking varieties I’ve seen. When smoked this flower produces the sweetest taste of grapes  and leaves your mind clear and your body relaxed . The stone is very light and uplifting  making it very easy for you to continue your daily activities while medicated. If you’re ever in the Pyuallup, Washington area i recommend  you check em out. They have a great selection of flowers , and a better selection of medibles than most . While i was there i even picked up some Blue dream BHO and some Kief. They have a little something for everyone .  

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